Our Friends

Independent Christian Congregation Pelhřimov

We would like to briefly introduce NKS Pelhřimov.
We are Christians - the word Christian is derived from the word Christ.
The Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ, one of those who received the gift of salvation completely free and without merit. That means he repented of his sins, put his trust in Jesus Christ, and accepted Him as his Savior.
We are the church - the church is a community of all who believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and have been reborn through the Holy Spirit. The Church thus includes Christians of all eras, nations, languages and races.
We are an independent church - it would be more accurate to say that we are a church completely dependent, but only on our Lord, Jesus Christ and the Bible - His word. By the word independent we mean that we are not subject to any higher ecclesiastical structure. At the same time, we are independent of the state and any state financial or other support.