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Living word Magazine

The Living Word Magazine originated in 1969 during a brief revival of a society sick with communism. Society and the Christian Congregations, who were still recovering from the bitter experience of non-freedom and illegal activity in the 1950s, were breathing. And suddenly there was the opportunity to publish a magazine, create a space for self-expression, and a testimony of faith in the world of scientific atheism. Why the Living Word? Because everything living has its origin in the Living, the living does not come from the inanimate! And so is the word, an expression of higher order, as Dr. Karel Kořínek wrote in the editorial of the issue zero. The living word comes from a living man who has risen from God and lives with God. The journal continues in this heritage still today and wants to be full of the living words of the "living people" at a time that, unlike the one in the past, is drowning in freedom and puts new challenges before God's people. The magazine wants to bring a written word of living people who, in their lives, experience God's addressing and touch, regardless of their ecclesial affiliation. The Brethren movement is a spiritual stream of "lay people", people of various professions and positions who serve God with their entrusted gift in the place where he has placed them. It is therefore supposed to bring experience and testimony from all sorts of areas of life, to be alive and diverse just as the lively and varied Creator of life.