About us


The Christians of Tišnov are a community of believers who have been meeting in the Tišnov region for worship for nine years already. Since the last year we have worship services at family center Studánka on Riegrova Street. We belong to the community of evangelical churches, namely the Christian Congregations, which have a century-old tradition in the Czech Lands.

Our regular Sunday meetings are filled with songs of praise, reading the Bible, praying, preaching the Word of God, celebrating the Lord's Supper and talking about how God affects our lives. Our desire is to worship God, to follow Jesus and to learn mutual love together. Through various activities we try to be useful to the people we live among and spread the gospel of God's love to every person. All our meetings are open to the public and we look forward to welcoming you.

One of our services is to help young people develop their knowledge of conversational English. For this purpose we organize "English Days", "Game Evenings" and other entertaining activities led by native speakers. In the summer we organize the English Week, a day camp at the Tišnov Gymnasium with the participation of American Christians. We are currently organizing a regular meeting for young people (from 13 years of age up) every Thursday, full of games, competitions, songs and a Bible word, all of course in English.

We will be happy to meet you in our regular meetings and other activities. Everyone is cordially invited.

Christians Tišnov